I would like to say it is a pleasure to have been elected as President of the Mid-America Saddlebred Horse Club again.  This club started in 1973 and has continued to flourish and promote our breed in unique and impressive ways becoming an official charter club in 1986.

Our goal as a charter club has always been to promote our very versatile breed to the public.  Over the years, we’ve hosted clinics, barn tours, and even exhibited saddlebreds at local shopping malls!  We hosted a fun and successful evening of food, drink, saddlebreds and fashion at our “Dog & Pony Show” which benefited Canine Companions and will look forward to our 9th Annual Youth Club Movie Night this year as well as participating in the 21st Annual All-Breed Equifest in Topeka, KS.   This year will be our 44th year putting on the very well attended Mid-America Charity Horse Show which benefits Heartland Therapeutic Riding and is held at the beautiful Longview Horse Park.   Also we’re very pleased, through huge efforts of key members in our club, to be a 501C3 organization.

As most of you know, the Saddlebred as well as other breeds have been under attack by people who are uneducated and have tried to lump us in with another breed known for cruel practices to their show horses.  ASHA banded together with other trotting breeds and seems to have successfully saved our amazing 4-legged athletes.  However; there will be future battles which I believe is often led from well-intentioned, but again very uninformed people.   Our defense is to not be defensive but graciously continue to show our beautiful breed to the public and engage in open dialogue when opportunities arise.  As a barn owner myself , which is an all-breed boarding facility, I’ve had many horse lovers who had never heard of saddlebreds, but once they saw with their own eyes how they were trained and shown, have come to love them just as much as our own club does.

I appreciate the forward thinking of our club in continuing to seek new ways to present and educate the public on our breed and I am very thankful for the knowledge, experience and support which so many of our members brings to the table.  I look forward to 2019 and promise to keep serving the saddlebred industry alongside our many members through education and awareness.


Kelly Stewart
Mid-America Saddlebred Horse Club President